Our  Neighborhood School of Choice.

Message from our  Director

“Our God is God of small things” He loves humility and simplicity. Our school is the example for it. From a SIMPLE beginning in 2014 our school has grown into a fully integrated institution by grace of God. We believe that education is a process that should foster creativity, independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a life long process. Our objective is to offer a unique combination of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, so that our students would excel in life.

Thank you for your valuable support and interest in this divine institution of learning.

Fr. Ajith John (CMI)

Our   Values


God Created the first Family. Our responsibility is to propagate what God created. Modern Education is at the core of successful families “As the family goes so is the church and so is the Nation.

Human digninty

Illiteracy breeds poverty which dehumanizes humanity.  Good education is the foundations upon which poverty eradication can be achieved. We feel the responsibility to give families their dignity.

Empowering Society

Without a good education , it is impossible to participate meaningfully to the growth of a nation. Education Empowers societies to join in the Nationality of a state in meaningful ways.

Non-Discrimination Education Policy

St. Chavara CMI primary school is a catholic school managed by CMI (Carmelites of Mary Immaculate)fathers and SD sisters. St. Chavara CMI School started in a humble way in 2014 and now it is growing to its heights. Under the able leadership of sisters of Destitute, our children are formed and well trained in the favour of God and men.

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